Headshot 01.jpgJohn is a freelance Stage Manager and LX Designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. John studied at Grenfell Campus of Memorial University in Newfoundland for 4 years and then moved to Toronto in 2015. Since then John has been working for numerous independent theatre companies around the GTA.

Some of his recent credits include: Production Manager for the multi Dora nominated Tough Jews (Storefront Theatre), Stage Manager & LX Designer for Dear Uncle Wish (Dir. Adam Bailey) and Happy Family (Toronto Fringe Festival.) He also works with Ismailova Theatre of Dance as their stage manager.

A bit more about me …

My name is John C J Murphy and I grew up in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia. As I kid I fell in love with theatre after seeing Cats and Lord of the Dance, which my father took me to see. The only way to see theatre in my community was to drive two hours away and go to Halifax, which was tragic for a theatre kid like myself. We made the trip only once a year as it was expensive. Right away I was fascinated by how the shows were put together and what was going on behind the scenes. I wanted to know more about it. Over the course of high school the community put on a couple of plays and I took advantage of the opportunities and starred as the Frog Prince, Scrooge, and Hades. However theatre was discouraged in my community (I know right!) and I felt like I was missing out.

After high school I went to the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University in Newfoundland. I studied stagecraft and it was the happiest I’ve ever been. I was in a community who loved theatre as much as I did and I was allowed to explore and dive right in. Four years later I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts – Theatre – Stagecraft degree. During my program I got to work with some great people who taught me a lot. I worked with Linda Moore, Vickie Marston, Jerry Etienne, Michael Waller, Susan Jennings, and many others who taught me in all aspects of technical theatre. I got to assistant lighting design, be head of props, choreograph, stage manage, and edit sounds. I also studied dance for four years at Dance Studio West and starred in productions with community theatre troupes. My roles included being a dancer in Cabaret and Fiddler on the Roof, being a part of year end recitals, starring as the Jabberwocky, and as the Nutcracker. I also got to direct my own show Just Dance thanks to Grenfell and study in London, England for two months.

Leaving Newfoundland was hard because I had built up working relationships with so many people and made some of my best friends over this time. I knew no one in Toronto but that is where I believed I could get the most work. So I packed up and moved to the big city.

PhotoIn Toronto I started working with independent theatre companies doing freelance work. I have also worked with the Toronto International Film Festival, the Toronto Blue Jays, and Lush Cosmetics. Currently I am the Assistant Box Office and Front of House Manager at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. This upcoming year I hope to be able to work with more theatres around the city and expand my knowledge with the help of other artists.  If you are interested in working with me or getting to know me more please reach out.

To contact me you can email me at john_murphy13@hotmail.com or call/text me at 17096383913. 

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